Rocky Mountain Reptile Expo

at the National Western Complex
4655 Humbolt

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or mail to R.M.R.E 13328 CR 88 Pierce, Co 80650
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All vendors must read and complete this form.
Company Name:__________________________________

Contact Name:__________________________
Address: _________________________________________

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Phone:______________________________ Fax:_________________________________

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Vendor Space Options Cost Qty Total

Standard 10'X 10' Booth choice______
( Includes one 8' Table and two Vendor Badge)
After cost is $120



Corner booth – 10'X10' (Includes two 8' Table & two Vendor Badge ). Booth choice________ After cost is $195

Four table package (NO sharing on this package, one vendor per package) two vendor badges. Booth choice________After cost is $300
Table cloths (pick up at back door)
Extra Tables (back tables) ($20 at Show)
Extra Vendor Badges

Payment Options
Must be paid in Full by
The following payment options are the only ways show management can guarantee your vendor space.
(___) I would like to pay in full $_________ with a check. Write check out to Rocky Mt Reptile Expo
(___) I will be sending my payment through pay pal.
(___) Credit Card #_____-______-_______-_____ ____/___ ZIP_______ 3#code_____
Signature X________________________ Print Name on Card _____________________
* Paperwork is mandatory for all vendor space reservations.
* Make a copy of the completed form for your records.
I have read the rules posted on the web site ( and understand them.
I also understand that I must collect and pay sales tax on all items I sell at the show. Sales tax forms are handed out to each vendor at every show.

Sign ___________________________________________________________________.
Thank you, The Rocky Mountain Reptile Expo